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ERASMUS + Call for Mobility for Doctoral Students for Basic Sciences, Engineering, Chemistry and Biomedicine

Erasmus +

Erasmus +

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Erasmus + Application Form

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University of Cote D'Azur, Francia
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Doctoral Students
Tecnología, Ciencias Naturales y Matemáticas


Key Action 1 – Mobility for learners and staff – Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility
Call for Mobility for Doctoral Students for Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Universidad de Chile

University of Cote D´Azur –Universidad de Chile

On the framework of the of the Erasmus+ programme the University of Cote D´Azur (UCA) and Universidad de Chile (UCH) have agreed to cooperate for the exchange of doctoral students for the period 2017-2019.

Therefore, both institutions are pleased to announce the 2017 call in order to fund four scholarships for doctoral students interested in pursuing a research period for research purposes or leading to a double degree in joint thesis supervision (cotutelle), for a period of 10 months at UCA or UCH.
Both universities have been granted with two available spots, consequently, two UCH student and two UCA students can be selected under this project.

The deadlines for documentation submission are:

1) UCH applicants going to UCA: October 20
2) For deadlines concerning UCA applicants coming to UCH, please contact: Sara Sidaoui,

Each university will receive their student’s applications in compliance their own rules, procedures and timetable. However, both institutions will review the documentation concerning applicants during the nomination process. In any case, will be the host university the institution enabled to make the final decision whether to select an applicant or not.

Scholarship details:

- Doctoral mobility for 10 months
- Allowance of EUR 850 per month for students from UCH going to UCA
- Allowance of EUR 650 per month for students from UCA going to UCH
- Travel allowance up to EUR 1,100
- The UCH Graduate Department will finance up to EUR 350 for UCH students going to UCA for health insurance purposes.
- Start date: January 2018 (UCA) March 2018 (UCH)

* Periods might be modified if permitted by the supervisors.

General requirements

- The applicants must be enrolled a doctoral programme at UCH or UCA to be eligible under this programme.*
- The applicant must complete the following application form available at: ERASMUS PLUS APPLICATION FORM
- UCH applicants must have approved their qualifying exam in order to be eligible to pursue their mobility at UCA.
- The period of exchange is mainly for research purposes; therefore, applicants must have identified an academic coordinator responsible for the activities to carry out at the host institution.
- For those wishing to pursue a double degree within the framework of a joint thesis supervision (cotutelle), the support letter of each academic tutor at UCH and UCA will be required. For further information concerning the double degree, process and additional requirements please contact (UCH) and (UCA).
- The recommended language proficiency is a B2 English. In addition, UCA requires a proficiency in French corresponding to an A1 level, and UCH requires an A2 in Spanish.
- Applicants must be authorized by their Graduate School to be eligible to participate.

* At UCH in an accredited (or in due process) doctoral programme.

Documentation to be presented

- Valid passport or DNI
- English language CV (European format)
- The last diploma awarded and grades obtained (for UCH applicants undergraduate records will be required).
- Undergraduate records
- Motivation letter* (English)
- Recommendation letter (academic or professional) supporting the applicant´s mobility. (English)
- Research project and relevant details of the research subject that the applicant is intending to pursue at the host institution. (English)
- Work Plan (English)
- Support letter of each academic tutor at UCH and UCA is required (for those applying for a double degree in cotutelle).
- Proof of English proficiency. For those applicants lacking an updated language certificate in English must proceed with an interview at the graduate Department in order to be assessed.
- Support letter issued by the applicant´s Graduate School.
- Proof of qualifying exam.
- Proof of enrollment.

Motivation letter
*In order to find the best-matching department for your possible research electives within the framework of a ten-month Erasmus+ mobility, we would like to ask you to elaborate on your mobility in a maximum of 500 words.

Your letter should contain:

  •  As concretely as possible, what combination of research topics you would like to cover during your stay.
  • Why you believe you are the right candidate for the exchange in terms of academic excellence
  • What are your plans for the future, after you finished your E+ ICM mobility, and whether you would like to continue to engage in further research activities.
  • If and how that would fit in the larger cooperation between UCA and UCH, in particular, the potential for cooperation between research groups in the longer term.


No double funding will be allowed. UCH applicants who are currently (or will be) holders of similar grants must choose one funding scheme.

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