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Víctor Hugo Castro Fernández

Anexo: 87332 Mail: vcasfe@uchile.cl

Prof. Asistente(O)

Departamento de Biología

Facultad de Ciencias, 44 hrs

Perfil del académico

Víctor Castro-Fernandez studied Biochemistry at the University of Concepción. In his undergraduate thesis he worked in enzymology of ureahydrolases (directed by Dr. Elena Uribe). In 2010 he started his PhD in Biological Science at the Faculty of Science of University of Chile under the direction of Dr. Victoria Guixe. During his PhD thesis, he implemented the methodology of ancestral protein reconstruction and worked on specificity of substrates of kinases. During his PhD he made several researches stays in the group of Dr. Richard Garratt at University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, where he worked in protein crystallography. After finishing his PhD thesis, he awarded a postdoctoral grant Fondecyt with the sponsorship of Dr. Jorge Babul at the University of Chile and his postdoctoral work focused on the evolution of protein stability through evolution and development of protein crystallography from Chile. His research focuses on the molecular evolution of enzymes (kinases and phosphatases), studying the structural changes involved in substrate specificity and adaptations to extreme environments such as halophiles, psychrophiles and thermophiles. The studies are carried out mainly by inference of protein phylogenies, ancestral protein resurrection, enzyme kinetics, homology modeling, docking, molecular all-atom simulations, circular dichroism, fluorescence, low angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and protein crystallography. Since 2018 is academic of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science of the University of Chile.

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