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International Vision
International Vision
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International Relations Office
International Agreements The University of Chile has signed more that half a million collaborative agreements (general and specific) with 320 higher educational institutes and international organizations in 46 countries. Participation in more than 200 networks, consortia, associations and alliances in the world, such as: APRU, SYLFF, OUI, CNRS,OEA, UNESCO, ERASMUS ECW, European Union Frame Program (EURO), ALFA, among others.
Academic Mobility Around 1.800 academic short-term and long-terms stays, yearly, abroad. The University participates with foreign university in thesis co-tutorship, double-degree programs, joint post-graduate programs, double title at the pre-graduate level and in research activities. The University receives approx. 1.000 international professors and researchers per year to elaborate the before-mentioned programs and activities.
Student Mobility The University receives 1.400 foreign students (pre-graduate and post-graduate level) yearly. There are also more than 70 student exchange agreements to study abroad. Likewise, yearly more than 200 students from the University carry out their studies abroad.
  • The International Relations Office is in charge of promoting, strengthening and expanding the international links of the University of Chile that benefit directly from the management and development of the strategic programs of the institution. For this reason they work in coordination with the academic units (faculties, institutes, professors and students in general) and with the central pre-graduate, post-graduate and research divisions.
  • The base objective of the tasks of the International Relations Office are framed in an internationalization process of the University, which is fulfilled through policies and actions that stimulate a better use of the open cooperation opportunities in the world for higher education.


Diagonal Paraguay 265, Torre 15, office 1706
Phone: +562 29782251 / +562 29782341
Fax: +562 29782117
E-mail: directorrel@uchile.cl

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