Moving to Chile


To find a permanent place to live while you are in Chile, you can look for a rent house, apartment or room.

There are several webpages for finding a place to rent. Here we mention some of them:

Also the following webpage is very useful for finding an address and knowing how far is this place that your are interested on renting from the University Campus where you will be working:


Public transport in Santiago, is composed by a system of public buses ( Transantiago) and a subway system of trains (Metro).The following links will be very useful for your travel planning:

You can also found taxis and colectivos, that are public cars that follows a determinated route. These last options will charge you depending on the distance traveled.


The University of Chile does not provide health insurance to postdocs. For this reason, we recommend you to pay for either private or public health insurance. For having access to public health insurance you must pay to become a member of FONASA, and to have access to private health insurance you must buy the services from one of the many "ISAPRES" existing in the country. You can also buy the services of an international insurance.

For a ranking of the services provided by ISAPRES check the site from the Chilean health superintendence:

We list the names of Health Care Providers and Medical Facilities (check the list here) as a starting point. The names of providers, which appear below, have demonstrated qualifications similar to those found in the U.S. and generally speak English. 

Some modern facilities that are a combination of multiple speciality clinic and hospital and open 24 hours a day. All of them offer walk in facilities for treatment of acute problems as well as consultation by appointment.

Please check your own country embassy webpage for finding more information about medical information or health insurances that your country may have.

Information from:

Bank Accounts

To obtain a Bank Account, you need to be in possetion of you chilean identity  number (RUT) and your chilean ID card (Carné de identidad). Some Banks avoid giving accounts to foreigners, but BCI Bank has been a good option. In the following link you can find the nearest branch office for you:

National Holidays

In Chile some of The National Holidays are changed to fit on Mondays or Fridays, and thus avoid "cut" the workweek, but you can find the exact dates for the actual year and nearest future years in this webpage.


The National Holidays that never change of date are:

    New Year: January 1st.

    Labour day: May 1st.

    National Independence: September 18th.

    Christmas: December 25th. 

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