Obtaining a Chilean VISA

There are more than one type of VISA available to live in Chile, please go to the web site of your Chilean local Consulate ( for more information.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to do this before moving to Chile and do not enter into the country without it. To get this permission, you will need to attach a document signed that states that the University will offer you a contract as a postdoctoral fellow.

If you come as a student, then you will have to attach a letter of acceptance issued by the University and another one proving your economic solvency (scholarship).

Route to get a Chilean ID number ("RUT")

1- Get a VISA in your local Chilean consulate

2- Bring your passport with the visa stamped on it to the department of foreign affairs -"Jefatura Nacional de Extranjería y Policía Internacional "-  to be registered as foreign. Get there a "Tarjeta de Registro para Extranjero".   

The adress is: Morandé 672, Santiago. 

The phones are: 02-26809110/11

3- Request a RUT at any "Registro Civil" office


For this you need: 

- Passport with the visa stamped, and the registration as a foreign from the "Jefatura Nacional de Extranjería y Policía Internacional".

 - Pay a fee: $4.050 chilean pesos (aprox.) 

 - Photocopy of the passport. The following information must be included: owner, expiry date, visa, entrance date. 

 - Photocopy of "Tarjeta de Registro para Extranjero" (from first point above).

The waiting time can last a couple of weeks before you can get your chilean ID card (RUT) at the "Registro Civil" office. They will give you a specific date for collection of this document, and you can also check its status on their website. During this waiting time you will have a receipt saying that your card is in process, and it is valid as a provisory one.

Look for your nearest Registro Civil Office:

More information at:

To get paid, you need to get an "Inicio de Actividades"

Your "Inicio de Actividades" (initiation of activities) is an absolutely necessary process for you to get paid. To perform this procedure you need to go to a Tax Office, or "SII" (find the nearest one to you at and ask for a civil servant that speaks english. You have to ask about the process called "Inicio de Actividades" and after giving some information (name, RUT, address, etc.) they will provide you with a ten digit password which will allow you to enter into the tax web page ( and generate the "Boleta de Honorarios" that consists on an official receipt of your payment (check the TAXES tab to learn how to create a "Boleta de Honorarios"). 

Postdocs, Temporary Resident VISA

To work as a postdoc in the University, you must obtain the Temporary resident Visa, since this is the only VISA that will allow you to do that, so please do not accept the Worker VISA, that the  consulate may offer you, because that is not the one you need. Only accept the Temporary Resident VISA, do not forget this.

What does this imply?

Having a Temporary Resident Visa will allow you to work, study or carry out business activities, and it has a maximum validity of one year. This type of VISA is given to foreigners that travel to our country for the purpose of settling in the country due to family ties, have some interest in the country or because their residency would be useful or advantageous to Chile.

Where can you get a Temporary Resident VISA?

You can get your VISA on the Chilean consulates. The Department of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of analyzing the applicant's personal background.


  • Criminal record certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Valid passport
  • 4 passport-size photos
  • Letter addressed to the Chilean Consul, indicating the motives for becoming a temporary resident. This letter is provided by the Astronomy Department so please ask for it once you need it
  • Certificate of Kinship when it concerns a family member.

Final product

A temporary resident visa.

Please note:

  • Providing the information requested above does not necessarily result in the granting of a visa.
  • Additional information may be requested throughout the application process.

More information at:

Other documents required

You need to bring with you a copy of your PhD. Diploma legalized by the chilean consulate in the country of origin of that diploma. This will be needed for the renovation of the visa after one year in Chile. 

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