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The Newton International Fellowships Scheme is delivered by The British Academy and the Royal Society. The Scheme has been established to select the very best early stage post-doctoral researchers from all over the world and enable them to work at UK research institutions for a period of two years. The Scheme coversresearchers in all disciplines covered by the two academies - physical, natural and social sciences, and the humanities.   

Objectives of the Newton International Fellowships Scheme 

• To ensure the UK engages with the best post-doctoral researchers, across all disciplines of physical, natural and social sciences, and the humanities, from around the world. 

• To provide an opportunity for post-doctoral researchers at an early career stage from any country outside the UK to work at a UK research institution for two years. 

• To foster long-term relations between Newton Fellows and the UK research base through the establishment of an alumni programme for former Fellows of this Scheme. The alumni programme will include the possible provision of further funding for Newton Fellows for up to 10 years for follow-on activities, to enable links with UK based researchers to be maintained and developed. This is expectedto facilitate, in the longer term, improved access to international centres of excellence for UK-basedresearchers. 

Closing date: 10 April 2013

*applicants are advised to submit their application for approval to the UK host organisation approver at least 5 working days before the round deadline i.e. by 3 April 2013 

Number of awards offered: approximately 40 Newton Fellowships will be available in this round.  

Success rate for 2012: 8%

Notification of results: End of October 2013

Start date of the Fellowship: January 2014 


Due to the very large number of applications we received for this scheme we will not be able to provide feedback.  

Duration of Fellowship 

Fellowships are tenable for a continuous period of two years.  Newton Fellows must be based at the UK host organisation full time for the two year period. 

Level of Funding 

Funding will consist of £24,000 per annum for subsistence costs and up to £8,000 per annum research expenses, as well as a one-off payment of up to £2,000 for relocation expenses in first year.   

Contribution to Overheads 

Newton International Fellowships will not be costed on the basis of full economic costing (FEC). Instead, awards will include a contribution to the overheads incurred, at a rate of 50% of the total award to the visiting researcher. (For example:  if award is £34,000 in the first year (£24,000 + £8,000 + £2,000),contribution to overheads is £17,000; total value award for first year is £51,000). The contribution to overheads is to enable a UK host organisation to host a Fellowship. Newton Fellows will not have access to this funding.  

Follow-on Alumni funding for Newton Fellows 

Newton Fellows may also be eligible to receive up to £6,000 annually for up to 10 years following the tenure of their Fellowship to support networking activities with UK-based researchers. Information regarding the Follow-on Alumni funding will be sent to successful Newton Fellows during the course of the Fellowship.  

Important changes

Please note the following which apply to this new round and are important changes to the guidance for applicants: 

• All applicants must be working and be based outside of the UK for at least one year at the time of application.  

• Applicants should have no more than 7 years of active full time postdoctoral experience at the time ofapplication (discounting career breaks, but including teaching experience and/or time spent in industry). 

Privately Funded Fellowships 

The Sino-British Fellowship Trust and the K.C. Wong Foundation have generously provided the Royal Society with private funding to support a total of 3 Chinese individuals to be selected from the applications submitted within physical, natural sciences and engineering to the Newton International Fellowship scheme. Due to the limited budget of the Newton International Fellowship scheme, it is not possible to support all the high quality applications that we receive and the private funding from the Sino-British Fellowship Trust and the K.C. Wong Foundation enables the Royal Society to fund further fellowships. Please note that it is not possible to apply for the Sino-British Fellowship Trust and K.C. Wong Fellowships directly.Candidates for these private fellowships would be selected from the shortlisted Newton International Fellowship applications, be Chinese nationals and be based in China at the time of application. The private fellowships would be for a continuous duration of 2 years and the project would have to be as outlined in the Newton International Fellowship application. These private fellowships would not be branded NewtonInternational Fellowships and they do not include FEC or contribution to overheads. The private fellowships also do not include the alumni funding that Newton International Fellows may receive.   

Contact Information

Any enquires about this Scheme can be made using the contact details below.  Before contacting us please check whether your question is answered by these scheme notes or the 'Questions' page on the website:  

Newton International Fellowships 

6-9 Carlton House Terrace 

London SW1Y 5AG 

Tel +44 (0)20 7451 2559 

Fax +44 (0)20 7930 2170 



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