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Julio Cesar Tapia Pineda

Anexo: 8647 Mail: jtapiapineda@uchile.cl


Instituto de Ciencias Biomédicas

Facultad de Medicina, 44 hrs

Perfil del académico

Julio C. Tapia is a Chilean Biochemist, PhD in Biomedical Sciences. He performed his PhD thesis in laboratory of Prof. Jorge E. Allende on the structure-function of the protein kinase CK2. In doing so, he also performed two long working-stays with the world leader in structural biology, Prof. Tom Blundell, at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK. Dr. Tapia’s thesis was financed with a doctoral Fondecyt local grant whose findings were published in four international journals. He was a postdoc fellow at the Center for Molecular Studies of the Cell - CEMC, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile (UCH), financed with a postdoc Fondecyt grant whose findings were reported in three international journals.

In 2008, Dr. Tapia got an academic position as Assistant Professor at the Cell & Molecular Biology Program, Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBM) in UCH, and received support of an Initiation Fondecyt grant, which served to stablish his own research group, “Cell Transformation Lab”, whose research interest is the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulated by CK2 that promote tumorigenesis and metastasis of colorectal and other cancers. In 2012, he was upgraded to Associate Professor at UCH. He has executed as principal investigator one ICGEB grant and four Regular Fondecyt grants, as well as he has been co-investigator in six Regular Fondecyt grants and one Anillo grant.

Dr. Tapia has been upgraded to Full Professor at UCH. His group has published in Q1/Q2 international cancer-related journals, including PNAS USA, Molecular Oncology, Cancers, Molecular Cancer, Oncotarget, Cell Death & Disease, Frontiers in Oncology, and Cancer Letters. They have reported the CK2-dependent regulation of several signaling pathways including Wnt/b-catenin, PI3k/Akt/mTORC1 and currently the Endothelin-1 axis. Their more recent results are related with the methuosis-like death associated to a catastrophic massive vacuolization of colorectal cancer cells promoted by CK2 inhibition with silmitasertib, as well as how the endothelin-converting enzyme-1c (ECE-1c) is involved in acquisition of malignant traits in colorectal and other cancer cells. To date, he has mentored 15 undergraduate and 19 graduate students, and one postdoc fellow. He was one of the main founders of the Center for Cancer Research and Treatment (CITC, UCH), Director for Santiago (current Secretary) of the Chilean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - SBBMCh, member of the Committee of PhD in Biomedical Sciences at UCH (past director), and founder member of the Iberoamerican Network of Aptamers (REDIBA).

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