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Alberto Jacob Cerda Silva

Anexo: 85263 Mail: acerda@uchile.cl
  • Prof. Asistente(O)
    Centro de Estudios en Derecho Informatico
    Facultad de Derecho, 22 hrs
  • Prof. Asistente(O)
    Centro de Estudios en Derecho Informatico
    Facultad de Derecho, 6 hrs

Alberto J. Cerda Silva is an Assistant Professor of Law and Technology at the University of Chile Law School (2004-2016). He holds a Bachelor in Law and Social Sciences from the University of Chile (1999). Subsequently, he earned a Master’s Degree in Public Law (2003), also from the University of Chile, and a LLM in International Legal Studies from Georgetown University Law Center, in Washington, DC (2010).

Professor Cerda first joined the Center of Studies on Cyber Law at the University of Chile Law School in 1999 as a researcher in law and technology and then became a tenured law professor in 2003. He has been the editor of the Chilean Review of Cyber Law and co-directed Chile’s first diploma program on cyber law. He also has authored numerous articles published in several journals, and taught in both the Law and the Business Schools at the University of Chile.

Professor Cerda has been a legal adviser to several Chilean government bodies –including the Ministries of Economy and of Education, and the Supreme Court–, international agencies, and non-profit organizations focused on human rights, intellectual property, and Internet regulation. He has served as the legal director of the local chapter of Creative Commons and co-founded and was the director of studies for ONG Derechos Digitales, a non-profit organization that works on promoting and defending human rights in digital environments. Recently, he was designated arbitrator for resolution of disputes regarding domain names in Chile.

Currently, he is on leave. He is a Fulbright Commission scholar pursuing a doctoral degree at Georgetown University Law Center and is authoring a dissertation that focuses on the challenges to human rights in the online environment confronting copyright regulation in Latin America, and global program officer for Internet access and rights at Ford Foundation, where he support the work of organization advancing Internet policies with a human rights and social justice perspective in Latin America and Africa.

His areas of interest include human rights, computer law, intellectual property, and access to justice. E-mail: acerda@uchile.cl

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