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School of Law

The Universidad de Chile School of Law is the country’s oldest and most prestigious. Founded in 1843, the School has educated the great majority of Chile’s Presidents. Since 1938 the School has been located in the beautiful Bellavista neighborhood of downtown Santiago, at the geographical and cultural heart of the city, across the river and overlooking the magnificent Andes Mountains. It is a place where people from the four cardinal points of our country converge, a traditional place of social encounter.
Its main building constitutes one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in Chile. A second building (“Edificio Santa María”) hosts the Graduate School, professors’ offices and law departments while a third one, known as “Edificio de los Presidentes” – President’s Building – was finished in 2007, adding 7,500 new square meters with top state of the art facilities.

More than 350 professors -including full time, part-time and on hourly basis -teach the Law School’s 2,000 students in a ten semester program, designed as a semi-flexible curriculum including compulsory, elective and optional courses from our Departments that cover the different areas of Law: Private Law, Public Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Economic Law, Procedural Law, International Law, Criminal Law and Legal Science. The School has also a large Clinical Law program that includes South America’s first environmental law clinic. On investigation, the Law School has created five research centers and one Institute: the Center of Environmental Law (CDA); the Center of Human Rights (CDH); the Center for Justice Studies (CEJ); the Center of Studies in Informatics Law (CEDI); the Center on Regulation and Competition (Centro de Regulación y Competencia – RegCom) and the Institute on Legal Argumentation, all of which regularly host special programs, seminars and publish research publications on cutting edge issues and deepen the School’s compromise with research on innovative branches of the law.

The Graduate School provides a modern postgraduate law education based on academic excellence, with the intention of educating highly qualified professionals in the research and study of the law. Current programs -for more than 500 enrolled students -include a Masters Degree in Law (LL.M) with specialization in one of the following areas: Public Law, Private Law, Economic Law, International Law or Law Sciences; a Masters Degree in Tax Law; a Masters Degree in International Law, Investment and Commerce jointly with Heidelberg University; a Masters Degree in Environmental Law; and a Masters Degree in International Contracts and Business Law, jointly with the American University, Washington College of Law. Our Masters programs are competitive, offering the best professors from Chile as well as an array of visiting professors from abroad.

After years of a rigorous process of investigation and study, Universidad de Chile has created the first Chilean program to obtain the academic degree of Doctor in Law. The Ph.D. Program aims to contribute to the development of legal knowledge, emphasizing comparative law and incorporating the historic, economic, and philosophical perspectives. The Ph.D. represents an academic opportunity to reflect on law in a universal dimension, but from our cultural and legal experience.


Universidad de Chile School of Law is located in Pío Nono 1, Barrio Bellavista, Providencia, Santiago. This is an extremely well located venue in terms of transportation (metro Baquedano and close to the main avenues Alameda, Providencia and Vicuña Mackenna), restaurants (Bellavista and Providencia are the most important gastronomic areas) and social activities (a zone full of theaters, cinemas and pubs).

Main physical infrastructure includes:

  1. 20 rooms with capacity for 30 to 60 people.
  2. 24 rooms with capacity for 35 to 140 people.
  3. 2 auditoriums with capacity for 90 and 80 people.
  4. 1 Videoconference room with capacity for 50 people.
  5. 1 Auditorium with capacity for 300 people.
  6. 2 Libraries.
  7. 1 Canteen

All rooms have full audiovisual facilities available. This includes computer, projector and screens. The entire campus has wireless internet access. Additionally, a computer lab, equipped with 29 PC, is available for the students.

Academic information

The Academic Year
The academic year in the University and the Law School is divided in two semesters of 18 weeks each. The First Semester begins on the first week of March, ending in July. The Second Semester begins at the end of July, ending in December.

Visiting students may undertake studies for a maximum time of two semesters or one academic year, ending each period in a formal transcript to be recognized in their universities of origin. Visiting students are non-degree in Chile.

Costs, accommodation and services
The Universidad de Chile does not offer scholarships or financial aid to international visiting students. Students must provide their own financial support for round-trip transportation, housing, meals and personal expenses. However, tuition fees are not charged for exchanges students with the Faculty of Law.

International visiting students enrolled at Universidad de Chile can make use of all services offered to regular students, which comprise basic health services (international health insurance is compulsory), students welfare services, legal counseling on emergencies, cultural activities, sports, cafeterias, libraries, etc.

Universidad de Chile School of Law has a complete Wi-Fi system working throughout their buildings, free for students and academics. If you want to use it, after arrival you should bring your laptop to Computer Services Department (4th Floor – Main Building) and they will set up your access to the Wi-Fi system.

Universidad de Chile has no dormitories or housing facilities for visiting students. However, the International Relations Office could offer information for lodging at private homes. The average monthly cost for lodging and meals is around USD$600.00.

Exchange Students Application
The Universidad de Chile Schools of Law receives students from different universities and foreign representations each semester. To start the application process the applicant must perform the following steps:

  • Apply to their home institution for the specific exchange at Universidad de Chile School of Law. If the student is selected, the home Law School will submit a nomination letter to our Law School. Candidates must satisfy the following requirements: Minimum of two years of University level studies, Good health, and a level of command of Spanish adequate for academic work. Deadlines: January 15 of each year (for the semester March – July) and June 15 (for the semester August – December).
  • After reviewing your home Law School application, Universidad de Chile School of Law will issue a Letter of Invitation that will allow an exchange student to start registration process and request for a student’s visa at the Chilean Consulate in your country. For this purpose, the following documentation must be submitted by your Home Institution:
  1. Letter of nomination from your Law School
  2. Motivation letter explaining why you want to study in our Law School
  3. Copy of transcripts and grades
  4. Photocopy of health insurance during your stay in Chile.
  5. Photocopy of identification page of valid passport.
  6. Digital Picture (size 240 x 320 pixels, format JPG, weight no more than 80Kb)
  • On arrival, the exchange student must create "Micuenta.Uchile" (see the instructions in Annex 2), in order to be able to use an on-line blackboard (U-Cursos) and to obtain the I.D. student card (TUI) although further process is required to this purpose as explained later.

Fields of Study
The Universidad de Chile offers international visiting students the freedom to select their courses of studies, according to previous academic experience and ability to work in Spanish, allowing them to request registration in any course offered during their stay.

There is also a Spanish Program for International Visiting Students as part of the University of Chile's International programs and is organized by the Linguistics Department of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities. This program is semi-annual and has a total cost of US$500 and a registration fee of US$215.

Before your arrival you should provide the International Relations Coordinator of our Law School the courses you are planning to take during your stay. A full list of courses for each semester could be found at the link “Programación Académica” from web page of the Law School, banner “Pregrado”.

At the beginning of each semester, the International Relations Office offers academic advising to each international visiting student, and access to electronic information for selection and registration of courses.

Students must register the courses they select at the beginning of the semester, and they have a two-week period to drop or change their personal academic plan of studies.

Course registration gives place to use “U-Cursos” (an electronic blackboard) and allow students to request Universidad de Chile student’s identity card (TUI) with a picture, which enables the student to make use of student services offered by Universidad de Chile.

Student Identity Card (TUI)
The student identity card (TUI) allows the student use student services offered by the Universidad de Chile. The identity card will be issued after registering in "Micuenta.Uchile" (see the instructions in Annex 2) and once is requested it through uploading the student's picture on the link “Solicitud Tarjeta TUI” on the same website Photo must be size 240 x 320 pixels, format JPG, and weight no more than 80 Kb, face-centered on a white or cream colored back, like in the following example:


Once in you should login and click on “Solicitud Tarjeta TUI”, add some missing information or modify existing and upload the photo. If the photography is approved by the system it will clearly appear that information on the web page.

If the photo cannot be properly uploaded, please contact Law School Computer Services Department (4th Floor – Main Building) to get help in the process. Further information in the following web site:

Exchange evaluation and transcripts
Once the semester is completed, the student must fill an evaluation send by the International Relations Office to help us to improve future exchange process. This evaluation should be sent by e-mail to or at the International Relations Office of the Law School.

Each semester the Law School will send an official transcript of the achievement of the exchange student during their stay at Universidad de Chile at your Home Institution.

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