Estudios Internacionales

Revistas ISI: 2021

  • A. Adeli, X. Emery, 2021. “Geostatistical simulation of rock physical and geochemical properties with spatial filtering and its application to predictive geological mapping”. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Vol. 220, article 106661    

  • D. Arroyo, X. Emery, 2021, “Algorithm 1013: An R implementation of a continuous spectral algorithm for simulating vector Gaussian random fields in Euclidean spaces”. Transactions on Mathematical software, Vol. 47, n°1, article 8, p. 1-25. 

  • A. Alegría, X. Emery, E. Porcu, 2021. “Bivariate Matérn covariances with cross-dimple for modeling coregionalized variables”. Spatial Statistics, Vol. 41, article 100491    

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