Filosofía y Humanidades

Call for Papers

  • Speakers can choose to present individual papers or posters in English or Spanish; their abstracts have to be written in the language in which they intend to present..
  • Papers consist of a standard 20-minute presentation, plus 10 minutes for discussion. 
  • Posters will be presented during a dedicated session each day. During this block of time presenters will be available to discuss their posters in breakout rooms.
  • Poster presenters will be required to send a short video (up to three minutes) ahead of the conference. These videos will be made available the week of the conference so that attendees can have time to see them before the special sessions.
  • Presenters are requested to include their name, affiliation, and email address in the submitted paper(/proposal).
  • Proposals will be evaluated in terms of quality, significance, originality, thematic relevance, and presentation.
  • Presenters will be allowed to present two papers at most if they submit more than one paper. In the case of posters, presenters will be allowed to present one.
  • There will be 20-minute breaks between sessions.
  • Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Online language teaching and learning (methods, approaches, evaluation, curricular design, etc.)
  • History of language teaching of indigenous, heritage, minority, and foreign languages.
  • Language policies (language endangerment, language revitalization, bi-/multilingual language policies, linguistic rights)
  • Language ideology (native /non-native speakerism, gender perspectives to curriculum design and evaluation, linguicism)
  • Discourse Analysis to Communication in different languages (mass media, video games, social media, learning apps, language exchange apps, etc.)
  • Pragmatics in the use of languages taught in the Southern Hemisphere’s countries in the 21st century.
  • Current and new language labels: LX, FL, Translanguaging and repertoires
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