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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

In the context of growing importance of postdoctoral research and academic renewal for the enhancement of research productivity, the Vice-rector Office for Research and Development has given a step forward by creating the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Our purpose is to promote, supervise, develop and manage policies and initiatives regarding postdoctoral research at Universidad de Chile.

The roles of this new academic unit are to:

  • Gather data regarding the amount, status and productivity of postdocs at the University.
  • Develop policies and procedures ruling over the situation of postdoctoral researchers within the University (research promotion, financial support, welfare, etc.).
  • Create and manage programs towards the training and optimizing of the performance of postdocs.
  • Promote academic renewal and reinsertion of the postdoctoral researchers with the highest productivity into the University’s academic pool aiming to raise the global performance of the University in the area of research.
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