Publicaciones académicas del Departamento de Biología

Biología celular e Inmunología

  1. The exocyst controls lysosome secretion and antigen extraction at the immune synapse of B cells”; Sáez J. J., Bozo J. P., Ibañez J., Alamo M., Fuentes D., Goles N., Obino D., Bono M. R., Lennon A. M., Yeaman C., Yuseff M I.; J. Cell Biology: 13 (2019)
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  20. Lithraea caustic (Litre) Extract Promotes an Antitumor Response Against B16 Melanoma
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Biología del desarrollo

  1. Light-Induced Opening of the TRP Channel in Isolated Membrane Patches Excised from Photosensitive Microvilli from Drosophila Photoreceptors ; Delgado R., Delgado M. G., Bastin-Héline L., Glavic A., O'Day P. M., Bacigalupo J. ; Neuroscience. 1; 396: 66 – 72 (2019)
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  3. Adaptive Physiological and Morphological Adjustments Mediated by Intestinal Stem Cells in Response to Food Availability in Mice” ; Peña-Villalobos I., Casanova-Maldonado I., Lois P., Sabat P., Palma V. ; Front Physiol. Jan 8; 9: 1821 (2019)
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Bioquímica y Biología molecular

  1. Fluorescence enzymatic assay for bacterial polyphosphate kinase 1 (PPK1) as a platform for screening antivirulence molecules” ; Campos F., Álvarez J. A., Ortiz-Severín J., Varas M. A., Lagos C. F., Cabrera R., Álvarez S. A., Chávez F. P. ; Infect. Drug Resist. 12, 2237 – 2242 (2019)
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Fisiología celular y Neurobiología

  1. Behavioral effects of triadimefon in zebrafish are associated with alterations of the dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways” ; Paredes-Zúñiga S., Trost N., De la Paz J. F., Alcayaga J., Allende M. L. ; Prog. Neuropsychopharmacol. Biol. Psychiatry. 92: 118 - 126 (2019)
  2. Mll-COMPASS complexes mediate H3K4me3 enrichment and transcription of the osteoblast master gene Runx2/p57 in osteoblasts” ; Rojas A., Sepulveda H., Henriquez B., Aguilar R., Opazo T., Nardocci G., Bustos F., Lian J. B., Stein J. L., Stein G. S., Van Zundert B., Van Wijnen A. J., Allende M. L., Montecino M. ; Journal of Cellular Physiology. 234(5): 6244 - 6253 (2019)
  3. Peripheral Macrophages Promote Tissue Regeneration in Zebra fish by Fine-Tuning the Inflammatory Response” ; Morales R. A., Allende M. L. ; Frontiers in Immunology. 10: 253 (2019)
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  5. Developmentally regulated Tcf7l2 splice variants mediate transcriptional repressor functions during eye formation” ; Young R. M., Ewan K. B., Ferrer V. P., Allende M. L., Godovac-Zimmermann J., Dale T. C., Wilson S. W. ; Elife. 8: e51447 (2019)
  6. Anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera on soy meal-induced intestinal inflammation in zebrafish ; Fehrmann-Cartes K., Coronado M., Hernandez A. J., Allende M. L., Feijoo C. G. ; Fish & Shellfish Immunology. 95: 564 - 573 (2019)
  7. Myocardial Monophasic Action Potential Recorded by Suction Electrode for Ionic Current Studies in Zebrafish” ; Miranda M., Egana J. T., Allende M. L., Eblen-Zajjur A. ; Zebrafish. 16(5): 427 - 433 (2019)
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  10. Ablation of brainstem c1 neurons improves cardiac function in volumen overload heart failure”    
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    Clin Sci. 133: 393 - 405 (2019)
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Evolución del desarrollo y Paleontología

  1. Assesment and interpretation of negative forelimb allometry in the evolution of non- avian Theropoda ; Palma Liberona J. A., Soto-Acuña S., Méndez M.A.,  Vargas A. O. ; Front. Zool. 16: 44 (2019)
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Biología molecular vegetal

  1. Water deficit and abscisic acid treatments increase the expression of a glucomannan mannosyltransferase gene (GMMT) in Aloe vera Burm. F. ; Salinas P., Salinas C., Contreras R. A. , Zuñiga G. E. , Dupree P.,  Cardemil L. ; Phytochemistry 159, 90 – 101 (2019)
  2. AtA6PR1 and AtA6PR2 encode putative aldose 6-phosphate reductases that are cytosolically localized and respond differentially to cold and salt stress in Arabidopsis thaliana ; Rojas B., Wurman J., Zamudio M. S., Donoso A., Cabedo P., Díaz F., Stange C., Handford M. ; J. Plant Biochem. Biotechnol. 28: 114 - 119 (2019)
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Microbiología molecular y Biotecnología

  1. Piscirickettsia salmonis cryptic plasmids: Source of mobile DNA and virulence factors ; Ortiz-Severín J., Travisany D., Maass A., Chávez F. P., Cambiazo V. ; Pathogens. 8(4): 269 (2019)
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  3. The Response of Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 to Cadmium Involves Inhibition of the Initiation of Biofilm Formation, Decrease in Intracellular c-di-GMP Levels, and a Novel Metal Regulated Phosphodiesterase ; Alviz-Gazitua P., Fuentes-Alburquenque S., Rojas L. A., Turner R. J., Guiliani N., Seeger M. ; Frontier in Microbiology. 10 (2019)
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Procesamiento de la información sensorial olfatoria y codificación neuronal en síndrome X frágil

  1. Structural and Functional Abnormalities in the Olfactory System of Fragile X Syndrome Models ; Bodaleo F., Tapia-Monsalves C., Cea Del Rio C., Gonzalez-Billault C., Nuñez-Parra A. ; Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience.  May 28; 12: 135 (2019)