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APRU Fellows Program (AFP) 2012

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Association of Pacific Rim Universities
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The APRU Fellows Program (AFP) 2012 will be hosted by the Asia Research Institute at National University of Singapore (NUS) from 28 May to 1 June next year.  Each member university is invited to nominate up to two of their leading early career faculty members to participate in this program.


The theme of the AFP 2012 is "The Value of Water: Water, Values and Society in the Asia Pacific Region".  The program will address the following questions:

S  How do we value water - culturally, economically - in a diversity of contexts?  What can we learn from the different ways of valuing water?
S  Who owns it?  How do we govern its use?  Through better governance, how might we ensure equity and intergenerational protection of eco-systems?
S  How can we align community values, engineering and other technical approaches to water management?
S  How might we develop and reform the framing of freshwater research and management around the Asia Pacific region?

More details about theme can be found in the attached document.

Academic Objectives

The AFP 2012 will bring together early career researchers from the humanities, business and finance, engineering, public health, and the physical, life and social sciences to study the myriad of complexities relating to the value of water.  The multidisciplinary and cross-cultural aspect of this program will allow the participants to acquire insight arising from the diversity of the various academic cultures and perspectives that the participants represent.

To encourage inclusive, long-term collaboration, participants will be invited to work together in groups of 2 - 4 people (each from different societies) and produce collaborative research papers which may be published in a special paper series.


Faculty members who are nominated for the AFP 2012 should submit an abstract for review by an expert panel, which will recommend the grouping of participants based on their areas of research interest.  Selection announcements will be made in January 2012.  Participants may then start working together on their collaborative research papers.

Program Details

The 5-day program will feature speakers from the academic, public and private sectors that will foster the Fellows' understanding of issues related to the theme.  There will also be field visits providing an experiential dimension to the program.  Fellows will be given time to discuss among themselves collaborative papers and explore research topics for long-term academic partnerships.  The program is being developed and more details will be announced in due course.

Registration fee for the AFP 2012 is US$850, which will cover 6-nights of accommodation, some meals and program expenses at the host university.  (The fee does not include international travel and personal expenses.)  We encourage member universities to fund their nominees for participation in this program.

Nomination of Fellows

Nominations should be made using the attached Nomination Form and be returned to Ms Valerie Yeo of NUS Asia Research Institute via email at by 31 January 2012. 

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